CONTACT From time to time people have questions, queries or merely wish to discuss something in regards to one of our films or products - we welcome any and all communication be that constructive comments or highlighting the positives in our work! Below you can find multiple ways to contact us - if you're interested in having a product or film made please visit the 'apply' page first before contacting us.

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Q: What equipment do you use? A: As of January, we have upgraded to a 4k camera - specifically the Panasonic LUMIX G7. In addition to our 4k camera, we use a multitude of lenses, from our 24-105mm f4.0 Canon lens through to our 1960's 50mm F1.8 Pentacon lens. For our audio we use the Rode VidMic Pro as our microphone of choice alongside a Rode 3m boom pole and a Tascam DR-07 MkII to capture all our sounds. Then for editing we use the Adobe Creative Cloud apps for all our visuals, and MAGIX as our software of choice for our scores and music design. Q: How long do your films take to make? A: This can vary- our average (from planning through to release) is roughly three months, but some of our smaller projects can take a month or so, and the longer ones can take up to half a year! Our marketing/advertising projects usually take less than a month from application to release. Q: How do you acquire your cast, crew and locations? A: Our cast-size has grown over the years, and usually new cast members are friends of current actors, but we advertise through word of mouth and via social media- the same for our crew! For locations, we often just research local venues and reach out to them directly for prices- never underestimate any location, you can make anything look good if you film it properly! For more specific locations, we will use Hampshire Film's database to source a location. Q: What does 'THT' stand for? A: Who knows! Q: How can I get involved? A: If you're a student, teenager or young adult that wants a taste of independent filmmaking, drop us an email and tell us what you're interested in doing - we're always open to having new cast and crew! We mostly operate in the Hampshire area, and for some parts of the year, also in Canterbury (Kent). Q: Will you make my film for me? A: We will accept requests for independent films to be made, however we treat each one on a case-by-case basis and cannot guarantee that we will say yes! We will always consider any project however, and are open to collaborate with other independent groups or individuals. Visit the 'apply' page for more details. Q: How do you fund your projects? A: Well, for our films we fund them ourselves- we use whatever we can from wherever, trying to balance the cost for quality can be tough but a bit of DIY always comes in handy! We have yet to fund raise a budget, we just work hard elsewhere and then dig deep into our pockets in hope of making a fantastic film project! For those that request a product made for them, anything we need to purchase is included in the final bill!