WANT SOMETHING MADE? APPLY HERE BUSINESS STUDENT INDEPENDENT . . If you are interested in having THT Studios create something for you, there are a few factors you may wish to consider before reaching out to us, and they are covered in a series of 'ask yourself' questions below. But it's not just a case of 'what do I want?' it's also a case of what we can offer you! Below you can find details of what we can offer, and the quality we are able to offer to you. If you are convinced that THT Studios are the team for you, complete the form below and we'll be in touch very soon!

Adobe Creative Cloud

We edit all our footage using the Adobe Creative Cloud - an industry-quality collection of editing software. From still image editing and graphic design on Photoshop and Illustrator to special effects on After Effects and video editing on Premiere Pro, we can design and create pretty much anything you want!

Magix Music Maker

Alongside our video-editing software, we use Magix as our software of choice when it comes to sound design - whether you want a soundtrack for your film, or a jingle for your advert we can do it! The advantage of creating our own music is that each piece is original, and copyright free!

4k Professional Look

Using our state-of-the-art film camera, we are able to record and supply 4k resolution footage, meaning your product - be that film, advert or anything else, will look the best it possible can and have that crisper, more refined look with 4k - twice the image quality than regular High Definition video!

Low Costs

As a student production team, we charge a far lower rate than most others - so if you're a start-up, independent or student company, team or individual, we are an affordable option that maintains an incredibly high production quality!

Contacts and Connections

Having made a plethora of projects, we have made good friends with many of our actors, and location-owners, so if you want fifteen actors, or a yacht, or a museum to feature in your product, we might be able to help!

Fast Turnaround Times

Our own film projects take a long time to write, shoot and release because we do it in our spare time, but for paid projects, we are able to turn them around quickly - usually we can take an application and make it into reality withing one month!

So if what we have to offer interests you... ask yourself these essential few questions! Q: What is it you want made? A: This is the most important part, because we don't want a vague answer like 'a film' or 'a video' or 'an advert'. If it's a film, what type? A feature film? A series? A short film? A super-short? If it's under 5 minutes it's a super-short, if it's roughly 90mins upwards it's a feature film, anything between that is considered a short film- we don't need the specific run time, but we will want a rough estimate (i.e. 10-15mins). If it's an advert do you need logo designs or animation? Do you need voice overs? Do you need any additional resources? We don't need everything upfront, but we would want to see at least a film treatment or first draft for film projects, and for adverts and marketing we would want some kind of detailed description of exactly what you want, then when we start talking to you, we have somewhere to begin! Q: Are we the right team for you? A: Obviously we want to accept as much work as we can but we're not a professional team, and would struggle to complete large amounts of work for a huge company. If you're a start-up or small company that's looking for a couple of videos (or even just one) then we're more likely to be able to work with you. If you're looking to have a film made then we usually look to work with beginners, amateurs and people looking to get their first few films under their belts- we can't provide huge blockbuster films because we aren't that kind of company (unless you want to provide the funding!) We're a team of students and young adults and we want to work with and for people that are finding their feet still, or with small companies to help them build. If you don't fit that category don't worry, you can still apply and we will still take an in-depth look at your idea! Q: How much do you want to spend? A: For those looking for marketing or advertising projects from us, we usually charge an hourly rate - so consider how much you're willing to spend and how much you want to get out of it, because a single sixty second video might not take long at all, but a full selection of lengthy videos with complex graphic design will take a long time and cost a lot more. If you're looking to get involved with us to have your short, independent or student film made then we don't often charge you as we use this to add to our own experience and portfolios, we can provide your equipment, source your locations and your actors for/with you, but we can't provide funding for your films- that's got to come from you! Q: When do you want it completed by? A: Giving us a deadline is not essential, but it can be helpful - if you've got a deadline to meet or need a product by a certain date this can help us to work it into our schedule- a fast turnaround isn't necessarily an issue, we just need to know when before we start working! Marketing and advertising can be done quickly, but film projects take a lot longer to complete. Q: Do you want to team up with us? A: If it's a collaborative film project, we reserve the rights to claim what is ours and dictate how our content is used and released - if you're an individual that wants a film made, then creative rights belong to you, but as we produce, film, edit and release your film for you, we reserve a lot of the rights to that project and reserve the right to put that film wherever we want. If you're the writer or director then obviously you have your say on what we do with the film, and if you want to submit it to festivals etc we usually have no problem with this, but we don't just 'give' you the final film- if we produce a film, we reserve a portion of the rights for that film. If it's a collaborative project we will claim our fair share - if we only provide the equipment we expect credits for that etc... so just take a moment to consider if you're happy handing a script to us to make- your name will be at the top and it's still your film, but it would become a part of THT too. Want to submit an application or contact us? Email us at: In your email please include your name, contact details, company (if applicable) and a pitch for your idea, thank you!