ABOUT THT Studios produced its first ever video back in the winter of 2013 - the video was entitled 'The Blackout' and was a ten minute short film about one man and his dodgy deal with the Government. The film has never been completed or released in its full form, but since then, THT Studios have released over ten additional projects, from Gothic dramas, to superhero parodies, to psychological thrillers and we have continued to improve the quality of our content over the years. We started with a tiny handheld camera, and in January of 2017 we stepped up to a 4k resolution camera. Since our inception, THT Studios has focused on creating unique and interesting short films, and we pride ourselves on our ability to produce short films with big ambitions on tiny budgets, little support and with a cast and crew of young adults and students - it's had to find an opening into the film industry, but our aim with these films is to gain essential skills to help each other build into the industry of film, television and marketing. Check out our timeline below for the highlights of our history! 2017 DECEMBER The first of six episodes for Blackout Series 1 is released boxing day . . . JUNE Production begins on our first ever web-series - Blackout . . . MAY Renegade: A 'Revengers Story is released - the 4th in the series . . . FEBRUARY Game Night is released - our first ever 4k resolution film . . . JANUARY THT Studios upgrades to 4k and Game Night production begins 2016 SEPTEMBER THT Studios completes its first contracted assignment - a web video for 'Doggie Holiday Homes' . . . AUGUST The Draft is released, allowing people to vote for future films and Anarchy: A 'Revengers' Story is released the same day. Also THT Studios stand-alone psycho-thriller ID is released. . . . FEBRUARY Dracula: Retold is released alongside the soundtrack Current, written and performed by Maya Dodkins and Lucy Coles . . . JANUARY The trailer for Dracula: Retold is released - our video with the most YouTube views to date (with over 20,000) 2015 DECEMBER Dracula: Retold begins production and is filmed across just three days inside one building (21st, 22nd and 23rd of December) . . . OCTOBER Ghosts: A Revengers Story is released as the second film in the 'Revengers' series - just two months after the original film . . . AUGUST The Revengers is released, kickstarting a new series of short films . . . APRIL Production and local-release of Blackout 3 - the final instalment of the original Blackout series that started THT Studios 2014 NOVEMBER THT Studios acquires its first ever DSLR camera - the Canon 700D, and starts producing HD films, starting with A Champions Walk . . . FEBRUARY Blackout 2 is filmed just a few months after the original 2013 NOVEMBER One day is spent filming The Blackout - marking the start of THT Studios
2018 APRIL Production begins on Blackout Episode 5 . . . FEBRUARY Blackout Episode 3 marks the halfway point in the series. . . . JANUARY Production begins on Game Night 2 and Blackout Episode 4